Build Anonymous Random P2P WebRTC Zoom Clone Video Chat in Mobile Using Node.js & Vue.js in Javascript Full Project For Beginners

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A mobile compatible anonymous random chat using and WebRTC


FOSSA Status



Omigo consists of two parts: the server, which establishes and control the connections between peers, and the client, the front-end user interface.

Building the client

$ npm install -g gulp
$ git clone
$ cd omigo/client
$ npm install
# nano client/src/js/app.js # update serverURI with your serverURI (default is http://localhost:3000)
$ gulp build # will build on the dist/ folder

Building the server

$ git clone
$ cd omigo/server
$ npm install
$ npm start # check the server/config.json file


  •  Text chat
  •  Video chat
  •  Mobile compatibility
  •  Mode switch button (text/video)
  •  Multi-language
  •  ‘Stranger is typing…’

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