Python GUI Tkinter Form Submit Data to Text File Using File Handling

Python GUI Tkinter Form Submit Data to Text File Using File Handling

Welcome folks I am back with another blog post. In this blog post I will be talking about tkinter framework in which we will be creating a simple form and in that form we will have 3 fields firstname lastname and age and then we have a button after hitting the button we will save these details to a text file using text handling in tkinter. The screenshots of the application is given below.





Source Code:


from tkinter import * 

def save_info():
    firstname_info = firstname.get()
    lastname_info = lastname.get()
    age_info = age.get()
    file = open("user.txt","w")
    file.write("Your First Name " + firstname_info)
    file.write("Your Last Name " + lastname_info)
    file.write("Your Age " + str(age_info))

app = Tk()


app.title("Python File Handling in Forms")

heading = Label(text="Python File Handling in Forms",fg="black",bg="yellow",width="500",height="3",font="10")


firstname_text = Label(text="FirstName :")
lastname_text = Label(text="LastName :")
age_text = Label(text="Age :"),y=70),y=140),y=210)

firstname = StringVar()
lastname = StringVar()
age = IntVar()

first_name_entry = Entry(textvariable=firstname,width="30")
last_name_entry = Entry(textvariable=lastname,width="30")
age_entry = Entry(textvariable=age,width="30"),y=100),y=180),y=240)

button = Button(app,text="Submit Data",command=save_info,width="30",height="2",bg="grey"),y=290)



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In this block of code we have written code for file handling for tkinter form. In this block of code we are submitting data to a text file with the following details firstname lastname and age.

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