Google Apps Script to Download Files,Images,PDF From URL to Google Drive Full Project For Beginners



First of all you need to go to the url and then make a new project like this as shown below






And now copy paste the below code inside the editor`



function downloadFile(){

  var filename = ""

  var filesize = ""

  var url = ""

  var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url)

  var rc = response.getResponseCode()

  var folderId = "1XsVZoyADqioGGMsFSuK27iqBSqbnaSY2"

  if(rc == 200){

     var fileBlob = response.getBlob()

     var folder = DriveApp.getFolderById(folderId)

     if(folder != null){

       var file = folder.createFile(fileBlob)

       filename = file.getName()

       filesize = file.getSize()



var fileInfo = {'rc':rc,'filename':filename,'filesize':filesize}





In the above code we have written the function downloadFile in which you need to replace the folderId and url of the file which needs to be downloaded. In order to get the google drive folder id you need to follow below steps as shown below












Running the Google Apps Script


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In order to run the script you need to first of all save the code and project by a name as shown below and then hit the run button and grant the permissions as shown below




As you can see the image file has been downloaded inside the folder of google drive using google apps script and you can repeat for any url file such as pdf,video and text,image file


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