FFMPEG Command to Crop or Clip Portion of Video Using Crop Filter in Windows 10 Full Tutorial For Beginners


Use the crop filter:

Where the options are as follows:

  • out_w is the width of the output rectangle
  • out_h is the height of the output rectangle
  • x and y specify the top left corner of the output rectangle



Example 1


To crop a 80×60 section, starting from position (200, 100):



Example 2


To crop the bottom right quarter:

This is the same as:

Which is the same as:



Example 3


Crop 20 pixels from the top, and 20 from the bottom:

  • The filter will automatically center the crop if x and y are omitted such as in this example.


You can take a crop (heh heh) and preview it live with ffplay:

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