FFMPEG Command to Convert HLS (m3u8) Live Video Streaming to Fixed FPS MP4 Video File in Command Line


You can use -r 30 to designate 30 fps for your mp4 output. The whole cmd can be like this



ffmpeg -i https://example.com/xxx.m3u8 -y -vcodec copy -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc test.mp4





See the new options:

  1. -map 0 maps all streams from the input.
  2. -re reads in the live stream HLS at its’ rate. Not specifying this may result in FFmpeg hanging (as it waits for referenced packets that are not in the manifest).

It would be more useful if you could provide stream details, such as running mediainfo or ffprobe against the master manifest. That way we can recommend encoding settings to use.


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