SweetAlert2 – Awesome Library Solution for Old Javascript Alert Popups

Welcome Folks I am back with another interesting post. In this post we will be talking about a Awesome Library for making Plain old Javascript Popups more interactive and appealing. The library name is SweetAlert2. It’s a Open Source Library and you can use this library in your projects to replace the old fashion popups.






Download and Install




Grab from jsdelivr CDN







You can also include stylesheet and js files separately





Call Swal function after Page has been loaded


SweetAlert 2 Mixin Example




Popups Alert Types


















Input Alert Popup




Input Email Alert Popup




Input URL Alert Popup




Password Input Alert Popup



TextArea Input Alert Popup




Select Alert Input Popup




Radio Button Input Alert Popup




Checkbox Input Alert Popup




File Input Alert Popup




Range Input Alert Popup




Multiple Inputs Alert Popup




More Examples


























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