React.js Redux Project to Make HTTP Request to JSONPlaceholder API and Display Posts in Browser



npx create-react-app reduxproject



cd reduxproject



npm i redux



npm i redux-thunk



npm i react-redux



After installing all the libraries we will make the store for the redux app.


So create a file called store.js inside the src directory of your react.js project






Here in this file we have defined the state or data of the application and also the root reducer. So now make a reducers folder and inside


it make a index.js file and copy paste the below code








So here we now need to make this postsReducer.js file inside the same directory which will handle all the operations regarding the


fetching and displaying of posts from jsonplaceholder api








And now we need to connect the store so that it is available at the global level to all the components. So now inside the App.js file


copy paste the below code








So now we need to create the components so create a new folder components and inside it create











At last now we need to make the actions inside redux to tell what to perform with the state . Create a actions folder













npm start




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