React.js Project to Resize Images in Browser Using react-image-file-resizer Library in Javascript




Option Description Type Required
file Path of image file object Yes
maxWidth New image max width (ratio is preserved) number Yes
maxHeight New image max height (ratio is preserved) number Yes
compressFormat Can be either JPEGPNG or WEBP. string Yes
quality A number between 0 and 100. Used for the JPEG compression.(if no compress is needed, just set it to 100) number Yes
rotation Degree of clockwise rotation to apply to the image. Rotation is limited to multiples of 90 degrees.(if no rotation is needed, just set it to 0) (0, 90, 180, 270, 360) number Yes
responseUriFunc Callback function of URI. Returns URI of resized image’s base64 format. ex: uri => {console.log(uri)}); function Yes
outputType Can be either base64blob or file.(Default type is base64) string No
minWidth New image min width (ratio is preserved, defaults to null) number No
minHeight New image min height (ratio is preserved, defaults to null) number No


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