React.js JSMPEG Project to Render Live RTSP Video Streaming & Websocket Video Using FFMPEG Library in Javascript




This Project was built to display 4 iP Camera Stream in one Video on a React App without any need of external plugins like flash or skylight.

You can access the video Stream via the React App and you are able to record your Video Stream


ffmpeg convert our 4 ip RTSP streams into a MpegVideo Socket Stream an push it to our Webrelay Service. Our React App gets the Websocket Stream hosted on a specfic port.

Config your RTSP Streams

Edit start-ffmpeg.bat in jsmpeg folder

switch the inputs

from rtsp://[User]:[Password]@[IP Adress]/h264Preview_01_sub to your rstp Stream

Start ffmpeg receiver Service

  • cd jsmpeg
  • npm run ffmpeg

Start Websocket Relay Server

  • cd jsmpeg
  • npm start

Start React App

  • cd WebApp
  • npm start



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