Python Tkinter Pixabay API Bulk Images Downloader Based on Keywords GUI Desktop App Full Project For Beginners

Python Tkinter Pixabay API Bulk Images Downloader Based on Keywords GUI Desktop App Full Project For Beginners


Welcome folks today in this blog post we will be downloading bulk images from pixabay website using their api in python using tkinter. All the full source code of the application is shown below.



Get Started



In order to get started you need to install the following library using the pip command as shown below


pip install tkinter


After this make an file and copy paste the following code


import os
import requests
import socket
import random
from tkinter import *
from tkinter.messagebox import *

    #showinfo("Connected","u r connected")

    def saveImage(image,dir):
        with open(dir+ '/' + str(image['id'])+".jpg", "wb") as f:
            r1 = requests.get(image["largeImageURL"])

    def storeImages(imagelist):
        mode = 0o666
        dir = "" + str(getwords.get())
        while os.path.exists(dir):
#please use your own default directory name like data:/ or e:/
            dir = "D:/" + str(getwords.get()) + str(random.randrange(0,1000))
        for i in imagelist:
            val = i['largeImageURL'].rfind('.')
            extension = i['largeImageURL'][val+1:]
            if extension.lower() == 'jpg' or extension.lower() == 'png':
        return dir
    def getImages():
        a1 = ""
        words = getwords.get()
        a2 = '+'.join(words.split(' '))
        a3 = "&safesearch=true&order=popular"
        res = requests.get(a1+a2+a3)
        data = res.json()
        val = storeImages(data['hits'])
        showinfo("Success",val + " directory created")
        getwords.delete(0, END)

except Exception as e:
    showerror("issue", e)

if __name__ == '__main__':

    root = Tk()
    root.title("Scraping images from pixabay")
    root.resizable(False, False)

    lblwords = Label(root, text = "Enter the words for images to be searched", font = ('Arial', 18, 'bold'), bg = '#FF9196')
    lblinfo = Label(root, text = "(please enter keywords separated by space)", font = ('Arial', 18, 'bold'), bg = '#FF9196')
    getwords = Entry(root, width = 35,bd = 5, font = ('Arial', 18, 'bold'))
    btn = Button(root, text = "Search", font = ('Arial', 18, 'bold'), command = getImages)

    lblwords.pack(pady = 20)
    getwords.pack(pady = 20)
    btn.pack(pady = 20)



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Now if you execute the above script by typing the below command as shown below




Now it will ask for you to search images by keyword you can also provide multiple keywords just separate it by comma and then it will automatically create the directory inside your root directory and download bulk images based on that keyword as shown below





As you can see we searched for the keyword india and it has downloaded all the images from pixabay website and stored it inside the folder called india

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