Python Tkinter GUI Script to Make a QR Code Generator Desktop App Using pyqrcode Library Full Project For Beginners

Python Tkinter GUI Script to Make a QR Code Generator Desktop App Using pyqrcode Library Full Project For Beginners


Welcome folks today in this post we will be building a qr code generator in tkinter using pyqrcode library. This will be a desktop app in which users will be able to generate qr codes and save it as png image. All the full source code of the application will be given below.




Get Started




In order to get started we need to install the following libraries as shown below with the help of pip command


pip install pyqrcode


pip install tkinter


After installing these libraries you need to make file and copy paste the following code


from tkinter import *
import os
import pyqrcode

window = Tk()
window.title("QR Code Generator")

def generate():
    if len(Subject.get())!=0 :
        global qr,photo
        qr = pyqrcode.create(Subject.get())
        photo = BitmapImage(data = qr.xbm(scale=8))
        messagebox.showinfo("Please Enter some Subject")

def showcode():
    imageLabel.config(image = photo)
    subLabel.config(text="QR of " + Subject.get())

def save():
    dir = os.getcwd() + "\\QR Codes"
    if not os.path.exists(dir):
        if len(name.get())!=0:
            messagebox.showinfo("Please enter a File Name")
        messagebox.showinfo("Generate the QR code first!")

Sub = Label(window,text="Enter subject")
Sub.grid(row =0,column =0,sticky=N+S+W+E)

FName = Label(window,text="Enter FileName")
FName.grid(row =1,column =0,sticky=N+S+W+E)

Subject = StringVar()
SubEntry = Entry(window,textvariable = Subject)
SubEntry.grid(row =0,column =1,sticky=N+S+W+E)

name = StringVar()
nameEntry = Entry(window,textvariable = name)
nameEntry.grid(row =1,column =1,sticky=N+S+W+E)

button = Button(window,text = "Generate",width=15,command = generate)
button.grid(row =0,column =3,sticky=N+S+W+E)

imageLabel = Label(window)
imageLabel.grid(row =2,column =1,sticky=N+S+W+E)

subLabel = Label(window,text="")
subLabel.grid(row =3,column =1,sticky=N+S+W+E)

saveB = Button(window,text="Save as PNG",width=15,command = save)
saveB.grid(row =1,column =3,sticky=N+S+W+E)

#making this resposnsive
Rows = 3
Columns = 3

for row in range(Rows+1):

for col in range(Columns+1):



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Now if you execute this python file by executing the below command







As you can see in the desktop app we have the option of writing text inside the qr code and then we have the option of the filename of the qr code and then we can generated the qr code and also we have the option to save the image of the qr code as png image


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