Python Tkinter GUI Script to Get Bank Details Using IFSC Code Using RazorPay IFSC API Full Project For Beginners

Python Tkinter GUI Script to Get Bank Details Using IFSC Code Using RazorPay IFSC API Full Project For Beginners


Welcome folks today in this post we will be getting bank details from ifsc code using razorpay ifsc api in python. All the full source code of application is shown below.



Get Started



In order to get started you need to install the following library using the pip command as shown below


pip install tkinter


After installing the library you need to make an file and copy paste the following code


# import modules 
from tkinter import *
from tkinter import messagebox 
import requests 

def getifsc(): 
        IFSC_Code = e.get() 
        URL = ""
        result = requests.get(URL+IFSC_Code).json() 
        STD.set(result['STD CODE']) 
        MICR.set(result['MICR CODE']) 
        messagebox.showerror("showerror", "Something wrong") 

# object of tkinter 
# and background set for light grey 
master = Tk() 
master.configure(bg='light grey') 

# Variable Classes in tkinter 
Centre = StringVar() 
contact = StringVar() 
UPI = StringVar() 
CITY = StringVar() 
STATE = StringVar() 
DISTRICT = StringVar() 
IMPS = StringVar() 
ADDRESS = StringVar() 
BRANCH = StringVar() 
STD = StringVar() 
MICR = StringVar() 
BANK = StringVar() 
BANKCODE = StringVar() 
IFSC = StringVar() 

# Creating label for each information 
# name using widget Label 
Label(master, text="Enter IFSC Code :", bg="light grey").grid(row=0, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="Bank Name :", bg="light grey").grid(row=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="Centre :", bg="light grey").grid(row=2, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="contact :", bg="light grey").grid(row=3, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="UPI :", bg="light grey").grid(row=4, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="CITY :", bg="light grey").grid(row=5, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="STATE :", bg="light grey").grid(row=6, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="DISTRICT :", bg="light grey").grid(row=7, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="ADDRESS :", bg="light grey").grid(row=8, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="BRANCH :", bg="light grey").grid(row=9, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="STD :", bg="light grey").grid(row=10, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="MICR :", bg="light grey").grid(row=11, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="IFSC :", bg="light grey").grid(row=12, sticky=W) 

# Creating lebel for class variable 
# name using widget Entry 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=BANK, 
    bg="light grey").grid(row=1, column=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=Centre, 
    bg="light grey").grid(row=2, column=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=contact, 
    bg="light grey").grid(row=3, column=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=UPI, bg="light grey").grid( 
    row=4, column=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=CITY, 
    bg="light grey").grid(row=5, column=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=STATE, 
    bg="light grey").grid(row=6, column=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=DISTRICT, 
    bg="light grey").grid(row=7, column=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=ADDRESS, 
    bg="light grey").grid(row=8, column=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=BRANCH, 
    bg="light grey").grid(row=9, column=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=STD, bg="light grey").grid( 
    row=10, column=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=MICR, bg="light grey").grid( 
    row=11, column=1, sticky=W) 
Label(master, text="", textvariable=IFSC, bg="light grey").grid( 
    row=12, column=1, sticky=W) 

e = Entry(master) 
e.grid(row=0, column=1) 

# creating a button using the widget 
# Button that will call the submit function 
b = Button(master, text="Show", command=getifsc) 
b.grid(row=0, column=2, columnspan=2, rowspan=2, padx=5, pady=5) 



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Now if you execute the python script by typing the below command




So now after execution you need to enter the ifsc code in the gui to enter the bank details as shown below

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