Python 3 wxPython Temperature Converter (Celsius + Kelvin + Fahrenheit) GUI Script Desktop App Full Project For Beginners

Python 3 wxPython Temperature Converter (Celsius + Kelvin + Fahrenheit) GUI Script Desktop App Full Project For Beginners


Welcome folks today in this blog post we will be building a temperature converter desktop app in wxpython in python. All the full source code of the application is shown below.



Get Started



In order to get started you need to install the following library using the pip command as shown below


pip install wxpython


After installing this library you need to make an file and copy paste the following code


import wx
import converters as conv

class TempConverterInterface(wx.Frame):
    def __init__(self, parent, style, title):
        super().__init__(parent, style=style, title=title, size=(310, 200))


    def InitUI(self):

        panel = wx.Panel(self)
        font = wx.SystemSettings.GetFont(wx.SYS_SYSTEM_FONT)
        hbox = wx.BoxSizer(wx.VERTICAL)

        fgs = wx.FlexGridSizer(rows=4, cols=2, vgap=10, hgap=15)

        temp_value = wx.StaticText(panel, label="Temperature Value: ")
        from_temp = wx.StaticText(panel, label="From: ")
        to_temp = wx.StaticText(panel, label="To: ")
        calc_button = wx.Button(panel, label="Calculate")
        calc_button.Bind(wx.EVT_BUTTON, self.on_press_calculate)
        self.result = wx.StaticText(panel, label='', pos=(10, 10))

        self.tc1 = wx.TextCtrl(panel)
        self.tc2_combo = wx.ComboBox(
            panel, choices=["°C", "°F", "K"], style=wx.CB_READONLY)
        self.tc3_combo = wx.ComboBox(
            panel, choices=["°C", "°F", "K"], style=wx.CB_READONLY)

        fgs.AddMany([(temp_value), (self.tc1, 1, wx.EXPAND), (from_temp),
                     (self.tc2_combo, 1, wx.EXPAND), (to_temp, 1,
                                                      wx.EXPAND), (self.tc3_combo, 1, wx.EXPAND), (calc_button),
                     (self.result, 1, wx.RIGHT)])

        hbox.Add(fgs, proportion=1, flag=wx.ALL | wx.EXPAND, border=15)


    def ShowValueErrorMessage(self):
        wx.MessageBox('You entered an invalid value.', 'Value Error',
                      style=wx.OK | wx.ICON_ERROR)

    def ShowTypeErrorMessage(self):
        wx.MessageBox('Origin and final temperature units must be different.', 'Unit Type Error',
                      style=wx.OK | wx.ICON_ERROR)

    def on_press_calculate(self, event):
            self.result.Label = conv.temperature_converter(value=float(self.tc1.GetValue()),
        except ValueError:
        except TypeError:

def main():

    app = wx.App()
    frame = TempConverterInterface(None, style=wx.MINIMIZE_BOX |
                                   wx.SYSTEM_MENU | wx.CAPTION | wx.CLOSE_BOX, title='Temperature Converter')

if __name__ == '__main__':


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Now make another module file inside the same root directory called file which will hold all the methods to convert the temperature from one format to another


def temperature_converter(value, convert_from, convert_to):

    def celsius_converter(value, convert_to):
        Converts from Celsius to Fahrenheit or Kelvin.
        if convert_to == "°F":
            return f"{str((round(value * 9/5 + 32, 2)))} {convert_to}"
        elif convert_to == "K":
            return f"{str(round((value + 273.15), 2))} {convert_to}"

    def fahrenheit_converter(value, convert_to):
        Converts from Fahrenheit to Celsius or Kelvin.
        if convert_to == "°C":
            return f"{str(round((value - 32) * 5/9, 2))} {convert_to}"
        elif convert_to == "K":
            return f"{str(round((value - 32) * 5/9 + 273.15, 2))} {convert_to}"

    def kelvin_converter(value, convert_to):
        Converts from Kelvin to Celsius or Fahrenheit.
        if convert_to == "°C":
            return f"{str(round(value - 273.15, 2))} {convert_to}"
        elif convert_to == "°F":
            return f"{str(round((value - 273.15) * 9/5 + 32, 2))} {convert_to}"

    converters = {"°C": celsius_converter(value, convert_to),
                  "°F": fahrenheit_converter(value, convert_to),
                  "K": kelvin_converter(value, convert_to)
    return converters[convert_from]


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Now if you execute the python script by typing the below command as shown below




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