Python 3 Tweepy Script to Extract Tweets From Hashtag Using Pandas Library Full Project For Beginners



pip install tweepy




pip install pandas



# Python Script to Extract tweets of a
# particular Hashtag using Tweepy and Pandas

# import modules
import pandas as pd
import tweepy

# function to display data of each tweet
def printtweetdata(n, ith_tweet):
	print(f"Tweet {n}:")
	print(f"Following Count:{ith_tweet[3]}")
	print(f"Follower Count:{ith_tweet[4]}")
	print(f"Total Tweets:{ith_tweet[5]}")
	print(f"Retweet Count:{ith_tweet[6]}")
	print(f"Tweet Text:{ith_tweet[7]}")
	print(f"Hashtags Used:{ith_tweet[8]}")

# function to perform data extraction
def scrape(words, date_since, numtweet):
	# Creating DataFrame using pandas
	db = pd.DataFrame(columns=['username', 'description', 'location', 'following',
							'followers', 'totaltweets', 'retweetcount', 'text', 'hashtags'])
	# We are using .Cursor() to search through twitter for the required tweets.
	# The number of tweets can be restricted using .items(number of tweets)
	tweets = tweepy.Cursor(, q=words, lang="en",
						since=date_since, tweet_mode='extended').items(numtweet)
	# .Cursor() returns an iterable object. Each item in
	# the iterator has various attributes that you can access to
	# get information about each tweet
	list_tweets = [tweet for tweet in tweets]
	# Counter to maintain Tweet Count
	i = 1
	# we will iterate over each tweet in the list for extracting information about each tweet
	for tweet in list_tweets:
		username = tweet.user.screen_name
		description = tweet.user.description
		location = tweet.user.location
		following = tweet.user.friends_count
		followers = tweet.user.followers_count
		totaltweets = tweet.user.statuses_count
		retweetcount = tweet.retweet_count
		hashtags = tweet.entities['hashtags']
		# Retweets can be distinguished by a retweeted_status attribute,
		# in case it is an invalid reference, except block will be executed
			text = tweet.retweeted_status.full_text
		except AttributeError:
			text = tweet.full_text
		hashtext = list()
		for j in range(0, len(hashtags)):
		# Here we are appending all the extracted information in the DataFrame
		ith_tweet = [username, description, location, following,
					followers, totaltweets, retweetcount, text, hashtext]
		db.loc[len(db)] = ith_tweet
		# Function call to print tweet data on screen
		printtweetdata(i, ith_tweet)
		i = i+1
	filename = 'scraped_tweets.csv'
	# we will save our database as a CSV file.

if __name__ == '__main__':
	# Enter your own credentials obtained
	# from your developer account
	consumer_secret = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
	auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(consumer_key, consumer_secret)
	auth.set_access_token(access_key, access_secret)
	api = tweepy.API(auth)
	# Enter Hashtag and initial date
	print("Enter Twitter HashTag to search for")
	words = input()
	print("Enter Date since The Tweets are required in yyyy-mm--dd")
	date_since = input()
	# number of tweets you want to extract in one run
	numtweet = 100
	scrape(words, date_since, numtweet)
	print('Scraping has completed!')

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