Python 3 Tkinter to Generate Multiplication Tables of any Number GUI Desktop App Full Project For Beginners



#import library
import sys
from tkinter import *

def MultiTable():

	print("\n:Multiplication Table:\n")
	print("\nTimes-Table of Number", (EnterTable.get()), '\n')

	for x in range(1, 13):
		number = int(EnterTable.get())
		print('\t\t', (number), 'x', (x), '=', (x*number),)

# Create Main window
Table = Tk()
Table.title('Multiplication Table')

# Variable Declaration
EnterTable = StringVar()

label1 = Label(Table, text='Enter Your Times-table Number:',
			font=30, fg='Black').grid(row=1, column=6)
label1 = Label(Table, text='					 ').grid(row=2, column=6)

# Store Number in Textvariable
entry = Entry(Table, textvariable=EnterTable,
			justify='center').grid(row=3, column=6)
label1 = Label(Table, text='					 ').grid(row=4, column=6)

# Call the function
button1 = Button(Table, text="Generate Table", fg="Blue",
				command=MultiTable).grid(row=5, column=6)
label1 = Label(Table, text='					 ').grid(row=6, column=6)

# Exit
EXIT = Button(Table, text="Quit", fg="red",
			command=Table.destroy).grid(row=7, column=6)


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