Python 3 Tkinter + MySQL BookStore List Management System Database GUI Desktop App Full Project For Beginners




BookStore Application using MySQL and Python Tkinter

The purpose of this project is to implement an applicaton for buying books based on reviews and ratings given by other buyers.

Table of Contents

  1. Project overview
  2. Requirements
  3. Architecture

Project Overview

The idea behind this project is to implement an application that allows you to buy books and give them reviews and ratings so that other customers will have an idea of how good that book is. The application’s administrator can add new books, while users can buy those books, and then write reviews for them. In order to buy or review books, you must be registerd in the system. Every user registered in the system has a personal page where she can see the books she buyed and access all the information regarging those books. For GUI I used the Tkinter Python binding to Tk GUI Toolkit, while for the bookstore DB I used MySQL.

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Please see the requirments.txt file for a list of all necessary packages. Also the application need MySQL installed and Python2.7

In order to start the application run: python


The MySQL database schema is described in the image below: The database contains tables with information about the books, users, reviews, the books one user buyed and the reviewed books.


Here I present an overview of how the application should look like:

screenshot from 2018-01-09 23-38-09

screenshot from 2018-01-09 23-38-46

screenshot from 2018-01-09 23-42-27

screenshot from 2018-01-09 23-42-18

screenshot from 2018-01-09 23-44-45

screenshot from 2018-01-09 23-45-16




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