Python 3 svg42pdf Module to Convert SVG to PDF Document on Command Line Full Tutorial For Beginners



Unlike other graphic formats, SVG is usually hard to convert to PDF. Existing tools often suffer from the following limitations:

  • Do not work on all operating systems
  • Versions for different operating systems have different command-line interfaces
  • SVG is interpreted incorrectly
  • Dependencies are difficult to install
  • Have licensing issues

SVG42PDF is a tool for converting SVG to PDF using existing tools and libraries. Method of conversion can be specified by user, or it can be selected automatically.


From PyPI:

pip install --upgrade svg42pdf

From Github:

pip install --upgrade git+


Use first working method:

svg42pdf input.svg output.pdf

Use Cairo:

svg42pdf -m cairo input.svg output.pdf

Use ReportLab:

svg42pdf -m reportlab input.svg output.pdf

Use Inkscape:

svg42pdf -m inkscape input.svg output.pdf

Use ImageMagick (does not keep vector representation):

svg42pdf -m imagemagick input.svg output.pdf

Use Wkhtmltopdf (using the Qt WebKit, creates big white margins):

svg42pdf -m wkhtmltopdf input.svg output.pdf

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