Python 3 Selenium Youtube API Bot to Upload 10 Videos Per Day Automatically to Increase Traffic on Command Line Full Project For Beginners



Python script to upload videos on YouTube using Selenium that allows to upload more than 61 videos per day which is the maximum [1] for all other tools that use the YouTube Data API v3.

1: Since the projects that enable the YouTube Data API have a default quota allocation of 10,000 units per day [2] and a video upload has a cost of approximately 1,600 units [3]10,000 / 1,600 = 6.25.

Instead, this script is only restricted by a daily upload limit for a channel on YouTube:

100 videos is the limit in the first 24 hours, then drops to 50 every 24 hours after that. [4]

Package Installation

Script Installation

Package Usage

Script Usage

At a minimum, just specify a video:

If it is the first time you’ve run the script, a browser window should popup and prompt you to provide YouTube credentials (and then simply press Enter after a successful login). A token will be created and stored in a file in the local directory for subsequent use.

Video title, description and other metadata can specified via a JSON file using the --meta flag:

An example JSON file would be:







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