Python 3 Script to Scrape Google Trends Data Using pytrends Library Full Project For Beginners


Welcome folks today in this blog post we will be scraping google trends data in python using pytrends library . All the full source code of the application is shown below.




Get Started




In order to get started you need to install the below package using the pip command as shown below



pip install pytrends



After installing this library you need to make an file and copy paste the following code



search keywords



from pytrends.requests import Trendreq

pytrends = TrendReq(hl='en-US', tz = 360)

keyword_list = ['Machine Learning','Python','Linear Regression']
pytrends.build_payload(keyword_list, cat=0, timeframe='today 5-y', geo='', gprop='')


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Filter Searches based on region



# Interest by Region
df = pytrends.interest_by_region(resolution='COUNTRY')
df = df.reset_index()
df.plot(x="geoName", y="Machine Learning", figsize=(120, 10), kind ="bar")




Trending searches



#trending searches
df = pytrends.trending_searches()



Related queries



#related topics
pytrends.build_payload(kw_list=["Machine Learning"])
df = pytrends.related_topics()
print(df['Machine Learning']['top'])


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