Python 3 Script to Convert Bulk PDF Files Images to ZIP Files Using pdf2zip Library Full Project For Beginners




pdf2zip is a small utility to batch convert PDFs that are image based (like many online distributions of magazines are) into a zipfile full of images. Various options are available, including options on the quality of the resulting images, options to scale or resize the images to a bounding box, and the ability to specify pages in the PDF to skip.

This was primarily developed for personal use, but is made available in the hopes that it might be useful for someone.

To install, just:

pip install pdf2zip


Usage: ./pdf2zip [options] file.pdf

--version show program’s version number and exit
-h--help show this help message and exit
--skip=SKIP comma separated pages to skip (0 is first)
supply a file with a number per line of pages to skip
--scale=SCALE scale pages to certain size (ex. 50%)
resize images to fit within box
quality of jpeg compression (default 90)
--ipad resize images to a good size for ipad

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