Python 3 Plyer Script to Get Coronavirus Covid-19 Cases Data as Desktop Notification Automatically Using bs4 & Worldometers API Full Project For Beginners



pip install bs4



pip install plyer



from plyer import notification
import time
import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

def notifyMe(message): # Function which notifies us every 3 hours
	while True:
		notification.notify(title = "COVID-19 Updates India",
							message = message,
							app_icon = "covid.ico",
							timeout = 10)

if __name__ == "__main__":

	URL = ""
		r = requests.get(URL).text # Requesting some data from the given url
		soup = BeautifulSoup(r, 'html.parser')

		myData = soup.find_all('div')[5].text.strip() # Fetching all the required data
		x = myData.split('\n')

		while "" in x:

		data = []
		for i in range(4, 10):
			data.append(x[i].strip()) # Cleaning the data to filter out only the information which is needed

		contents = [data[i]+data[i+1] for i in range(0, 5, 2)]
		notifyMe("\n".join(contents)) # Display the information in the desired format

	except Exception:
		notifyMe("Something went wrong. Could not fetch data")




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