Python 3 Kivy Android App to Convert Raw Text to PDF Document Generator Using Pillow & FPDF Library GUI Desktop App Full Project For Beginners


This is a mobile app which convert text to handwritten text and generate a PDF as output

This app can come handy when you have to copy paste your assignment from internet but don’t wanna waste your time writing it all down.



How to use

  • Copy the text you want to convert to handwritten
  • Open the application and paste you text
  • Click generate to get the output PDF (also gnerates pics of every page)
  • Also you can input a txt file from Select button
  • The text inside TXT file will be converted to handwritten PDF (Note that only .txt extension files are allowed)





Currently this app is generating corrupted PDF and we are working on this issue, due to this reason we cannot provide you any working apk but you can still run this app in you mobile devices by following the below instructions.

  • Download Pydroid 3
  • Download zip file of this repo
  • Extract the zip into a folder of your choice
  • Now from pydroid open that folder and file
  • In terminal use these commands (one time only)
    • pip install kivy
    • pip install fpdf
    • pip install pillow
    • pip install pickle
    • pip install os
    • pip install time
  • Now go back to home screen and run the application




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