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Python 3 Instagram API User Profile Details Scraper or Grabber Command Line Script Using Requests Library Full Project For Beginners



Welcome folks today in this blog post we will be scraping instagram user details inside command line prompt in python. All the full source code of the application will be shown below.




Get Started



In order to get started you need to create an app.py file and copy paste the following code





import requests
from lxml import html
import re
import sys

def main(username):
    '''main function accept instagram username
    return an dictionary object containging profile deatils
    url = "https://www.instagram.com/{}/?hl=en".format(username)
    page = requests.get(url)
    tree = html.fromstring(page.content)
    data = tree.xpath('//meta[starts-with(@name,"description")]/@content')

    if data:
        data = tree.xpath('//meta[starts-with(@name,"description")]/@content')
        data = data[0].split(', ')
        followers = data[0][:-9].strip()
        following = data[1][:-9].strip()
        posts = re.findall(r'\d+[,]*', data[2])[0]
        name = re.findall(r'name":"\w*[\s]+\w*"', page.text)[-1][7:-1]
        aboutinfo = re.findall(r'"description":"([^"]+)"', page.text)[0]
        instagram_profile = {
            'success': True,
            'profile': {
                'name': name,
                'profileurl': url,
                'username': username,
                'followers': followers,
                'following': following,
                'posts': posts,
                'aboutinfo': aboutinfo
        instagram_profile = {
            'success': False,
            'profile': {}
    return instagram_profile

#  python InstgramProfile.py username
if __name__ == "__main__":
    '''driver code'''

    if len(sys.argv) == 2:
        output = main(sys.argv[-1])
        print('=========>Invalid paramaters Valid Command is<=========== \
        \npython InstagramProfile.py username')


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Now in order to run this application you need to type the below command and here also you need to provide an additional command line argument which is the instagram username as shown below


python app.py harshad_chopda


where harshad_chopda is the actual username of the instagram for which you are scraping user profile details if you execute it you will see the following information as shown below




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