Python 3 Django Script to Upload Images Through HTML Form in Browser Using AJAX Full Tutorial For Beginners





Ajax image uploads.


Upload images via ajax. Images are optionally resized.



Upload images via ajax. Images are optionally resized.

Optimized on

Features Appended:

  • Correctly display the readonly field
  • Support django2 and above
  • upload_to support datetime string format
  • Change FileField to ImageFileField to compatible with ImageField
  • Add format_image method to display custom image field using the same format
    from ajaximage.utils import format_image
    class xxxAdmin(ModelAdmin):
        def some_field(obj):
            return format_image(obj.some_field.ajaximagefield)      



Python 3 Django > 2.0 Chrome / Safari / Firefox / IE10+


Install with Pip:

pip install django-ajaximage

Django Setup


# Settings
AJAXIMAGE_AUTH_TEST = lambda u: True

urlpatterns += [
    path('ajaximage/', include('ajaximage.urls')),

Run python collectstatic if required.

Use in Django admin only

from django.db import models
from ajaximage.fields import AjaxImageField

class Example(models.Model):
    thumbnail = AjaxImageField(upload_to='thumbnails',
                               max_height=200, #optional
                               max_width=200, # optional
                               crop=True) # optional

# if crop is provided both max_height and max_width are required

Use the widget in a custom form

from django import forms
from ajaximage.widgets import AjaxImageWidget

class AjaxImageUploadForm(forms.Form):
    images = forms.URLField(widget=AjaxImageWidget(upload_to='form-uploads'))

from django.views.generic import FormView
from .forms import AjaxImageUploadForm

class MyView(FormView):
    template_name = 'form.html'
    form_class = AjaxImageUploadForm


    <meta charset="utf-8">
    {{ }}
    {{ form.as_p }}


Examples of both approaches can be found in the examples folder. To run them:

$ git clone
$ cd django-ajaximage
$ python install
$ cd example

$ python migrate
$ python createsuperuser
$ python runserver

Visit http://localhost:8000/admin to view the admin widget and http://localhost:8000/form to view the custom form widget.

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