How to Deploy Flask Web App Python 3 to Heroku Full Step by Step Tutorial For Beginners 2020

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Welcome folks today in this tutorial we will be looking at how to deploy flask app to heroku. All the steps will be listed below. A step by step youtube video will be also shown below.







Get Started



In order to get started you need to install the pipenv (Python virtual environment) which is responsible for managing your dependencies when you deploy to heroku


Install this package from pip like this


pip install pipenv


After this we can start our python virtual shell like this


pipenv shell


This will start the python virtual environment for you. Now you can install the packages for your application

For this demo purpose we will be developing a simple flask hello world app and will be deploying to heroku


Install these packages which are necessary for that


pip install flask gunicorn


flask will be the web server on which the app will run

And gunicorn is a special package which is necessary for deployment purpose to heroku


Now after installing it make a file inside your directory and copy paste the following code to it






Now we need to create a very important file inside our root directory. Make a Procfile inside your root directory and copy paste the following code






Basically here app refers to the filename of the application that you have used. In this case we have used that is why we have put app here. If you name your file different change this value accordingly.


Now just go to command prompt execute this command to make the requirements.txt file of your application. From the name itself it will contain all the dependencies of your projecrt


pip freeze > requirements.txt


Just execute this and you will find your root directory will contain a requirements.txt like this





These are the packages which will get deployed to heroku with the app


Now we simply need to deploy this app to heroku. But for that we first of all need to push this to github. For this create a basic repository on github and after this come to command prompt and execute this commands which are given below


git init


git add .


git commit -m "first commit"


git remote add origin ###yourrepoaddress###


git push -u origin master



Now your app code is deployed to github. Now we simply need to log in to heroku and create a new project. And you can also do it through heroku-cli through these below commands


heroku login


heroku create ###yourappname###


After this command executes your app will be created and now after this you need to go to your heroku dashboard and go to settings like this


And add a python buildpack to your project like this














And after this just execute this simple command to deploy your project to heroku




git push heroku master









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