PHP 7 Script to Implement ILovePDF API to Split/Merge/Compress PDF Documents in Browser Full Project For Beginners

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iLovePDF Api – Php Library

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A library in php for iLovePDF Api

You can sign up for a iLovePDF account at

Develop and automate PDF processing tasks like Compress PDF, Merge PDF, Split PDF, convert Office to PDF, PDF to JPG, Images to PDF, add Page Numbers, Rotate PDF, Unlock PDF, stamp a Watermark and Repair PDF. Each one with several settings to get your desired results.


PHP 7.3 and later.


Using composer

You can install the library via Composer. Run the following command:

composer require ilovepdf/ilovepdf-php

To use the library, use Composer’s autoload:


Manual Installation

If you do not wish to use Composer, you can download the latest release. Then, to use the library, include the init.php file.


Getting Started

Simple usage looks like:

use Ilovepdf\Ilovepdf;

$ilovepdf = new Ilovepdf('project_public_id','project_secret_key');
$myTask = $ilovepdf->newTask('compress');
$file1 = $myTask->addFile('file1.pdf');

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