PHP 7 Phonepe Payment Gateway Integration Script to Collect Payments Online in Browser Using HTML5 Form Full Project For Beginners

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PhonePe Merchant Client Php

This is a Php client for merchant integration. A minimum of PHP 5.3 is required for using this client. For references on all the API’s visit:


  • The Client is namespaced under PhonePe
  • The Request and Response objects are defined in models that are namespaced under PhonePe\Models


  • If your project uses composer, add the following lines to your composer.json :
  • Now, run “composer update”. You will find the php-merchant-client folder inside the vendors folder.

Please note that you will have to require the vendor/autoloader.php in order to autoload all the required classes.


Use namespace PhonePe to access the client and call the function of the required Api from the object of PhonePeClient Class.

For Example :


The function will always return an Object of the corresponding return type.

Checksum Generator Usage

  • Namespaced under PhonePe\Utils
  • Call the function checkSumGenerate with an array of all the required variables and the salt index
  • Check the following example :





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