PHP 7 HTML2PDF.js Script to Add Custom TTF Fonts to PDF Document Full Project For Beginners

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I have managed to add 1 custom font to my setup using the following method.

First convert the .ttf file to 3 separate files (.php .z and .ufm) using the following font converter Place the 3 files that are generated by this system into the fonts folder in TCPDF.

Now you can set the default font for your PDF using the following command


This was fairly simple to get working, I am having issues using 2 seperate fonts though via this method. I’ll figure it out though



To expand on the selected answer (by o11y_75) when you convert your fonts, you need to use a specific name to include also the bold and italic variants. That way, you only add one font definition like this

$html2pdf->AddFont('opensans', 'normal', 'opensans.php');

When you convert the fonts, name them, for example, like these:

default: opensans
bold: opensansb
italic: opensansi
bold italic: opensansbi



If you want to add multiple fonts, just use :

$html2pdf->addFont('opensansregular', '', 'opensansregular');
$html2pdf->addFont('opensansbold', '', 'opensansbold');

I would suggest that you don’t use special chars with the font converter specified above.

Then in your CSS simply type :

<style type="text/css">
.uppercase {
    text-transform: uppercase;
* {
    font-family: opensansregular;
h1, h2, h3, strong {
    font-family: opensansbold;

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