PHP 7 FFMPEG Script to Broadcast LIVE IP Camera Streaming Video in Browser Using RTSP & RTMP Protocol

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PHP RTSP IP Camera Streaming Homepage

Key Features

  • Re-Stream Live Video in Browser
  • Input Existing Streams (RTSP, UDP, RTMP)
  • Serve hundreds/thousands of users with a streaming server
  • Share Channels Link
  • Limit Stream Life (Automated Deletion)
  • Limit Watch Time by Channel, User
  • Simple Setup
  • Easy to Install, Configure
  • Full PHP Source Code
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Transcoding for iOS HLS / Android MPEG DASH playback

PHP RTSP IP Camera Streaming Demo – For custom ports you need to contact VideoWhisper support to configure firewall for allowing access to the RTSP streams.

Installation Instructions for PHP Live Video Streaming Software

  • Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements .
  • This edition requires Wowza Streaming Engine 4.2+ to monitor and publish the streams folder.
  • For enabling transcoding for HTML5 HLS / MPEG DASH playback required for iOS/Android delivery, special requirements apply: latest Wowza and FFMPEG with Flash and HTML5 specific codecs. MPEG DASH requires HTTPS.
  1. If you’re not hosting RTMP with VideoWhisper (see requirements and turnkey hosting options) go to RTMP Application Setup for installation details
  2. Deploy files to your web installation location. (Example: yoursite.domain/php-rtsp-ip-camera-streaming/)
  3. Fill your RTMP path into settings.php
  4. If you don’t have SuPHP, enable write permissions (0777) for folders: snapshots, uploads
  5. To enable transcoding for HTML5 playback, configure HLS / MPEG DASH as per Wowza specs and fill httpstreamer & httpdash setting in settings.php . If you have Wowza hosting with, staff can assist with setting this up (plans come with a rtmp address preconfigured for such usage).

This is a simple setup for easy deployment and integration with other PHP scripts.

For assistance and clarifications, Contact VideoWhisper.

For a more advanced setup, see this turnkey live video broadcasting site solution based on WP, that also includes WebRTC and automated transcoding between all formats and protocols: Broadcast Live Video . Live functionality can be tested on Video Now Live website.

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