Kotlin(Android) Typing Indicator or Wait Progress Animation

Welcome folks I am back with another block post this blog post I will be talking about a very special Kotlin library which allows you to embed typing wait animation for typing progress progress animation in your Android applications so you have seen these typing progress animations in modern chatting application such as WhatsApp Facebook Messenger Instagram etc so all the starting applications integrate these modern typing progress animation so whenever a user type a message typing indicator is shown to other user which is receiving a message saying that way better User experience is there in in the Android application so if you want to integrate this effect into your own chatting application then you can use this library all the source code of this application is given in this tutorial so just copy paste the source code and at it for extend this application accordingly to your needs





How to use:

Just put it in your xml layout. It can’t get any easier than that.



Add to your project level build.gradle’s allprojects


Next add to your module level (app) build.gradle’s dependencies block like this



Real World Example Code
















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