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Welcome Folks I am back with another blog post. In this blog post we will be displaying the twitter feed using a very special library of jQuery called as Tweetie. Tweetie is a cute little library which you can use in your apps or websites to display your twitter account feed. So step by step process on how to use this library is given. Just follow the steps and write the code as shown below. You will be able to make the same application. So let’s get started with the tutorial

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jQuery Tweetie – Simple Twitter Feed Plugin that works with new Twitter API.



Download the lastest version of jQuery Tweetie.

In order to successfully use jQuery Tweetie, you have to have server-side/backend API. The plugin comes with very simple PHP backend that you can easily setup and get going.


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Initialize just like any other plugin.


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Property Type Description
url String Required. API URL.
type String Required. Fetch tweets via hashtags, search terms, username and lists. Available options timeline, list, search and hashtag.
template String Required. Template for each individual tweet. Learn more here.
params Object Required. Parameters required to fetch collection of relevant tweets matching a specified query. Only timeline, list and search/hashtag params are accepted.
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How to use it:

1. Get a consumer key and secret keys from Twitter developer center

2. Edit api/config.php file and replace variables with your Consumer and oAuth Keys.


// Consumer Key

// User Access Token


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3. Include jQuery library and jQuery Tweetie plugin on the web page


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="twittie.min.js"></script>


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4. Create the html for the twitter feed widget


<div class="tweet"></div>
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5. Call the plugin with options


<script class="source" type="text/javascript">
list: null,
hashtag: null,
<a href="">date</a>Format: '%b. %d, %Y', // date format
template: '{{tweet}} <div class="date">{{date}}</div>', // Format how you want to show your tweets. 
count: 1, // Number of tweets you want to display.
hideReplies: true, // Hide replies and only show your own tweets
username: null, // Option to load tweets from another account.
apiPath : 'api/tweet.php'


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