Python 3 Tkinter Script to Convert Multiple Images to PDF Document Using Pillow Library GUI Desktop App Full Project For Beginners




Faster2PDF is a lightweight Tkinter Programme for converting images to PDF really fast !


  • Download the repository as zip and extract its contents to the same folder.
  • Open the folder in which the contents are stored and double click on the Faster2PDF.exe file to run it .
  • A windows defender message might popup . If it does , click on More Info and then click Run Anyway
  • Wait for 2-10 Seconds
  • Voila ! The application should now be running .

How to use it ?

  • Once the application opens , you will see a button called Open Images Files at the bottom left . Click on it to select the images you want to convert to PDF (Do this as many times as you want.)
  • Once that is done , you can also delete the image by just clicking on the image you want on the list and pressing the Remove Image from list Button .
  • You also have the option of image quality by aadjusting the spinbox given just below the image list . Lowest being 1 and Highest being 95
  • Once you have done that , just click on Convert Images to PDF Button.
  • Now just open the downloads folder on your PC , and you wil see the generated PDF in a matter of few seconds

Possible Future Updates

  • Smaller PDFs upon conversion
  • Image reordering option
  • PDF to Images

Made With

  • Python , Tkinter , PyInstaller and Pillow

Runs on:

  • Only Windows for now ;-; .Thinking of making it for other plattforms too in the future

Releases :


Initial version


  • Minor UI Changes
  • Added Image Reordering by Just dragging the seleceted image wherever you want in the list
  • Added Image Preview by clicking on the File Path
  • Added Inbuilt PDF Compression :
    • If you set Image Quality to 95 (Highest Quality) , 42 MB worth of images get converted into a 45 MB PDF
    • If you set Image Quality to 50 (Medium Quality)(Recommended) , 42 MB worth of images get converted into a 9 MB PDF
    • If you set Image Quality to 25 (Medium Low Quality) , 42 MB worth of images get converted into a 5 MB PDF
  • Faster Conversion speeds





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