Node.js Google DOCS API Example to Create,Read & Delete Word Documents in Browser Using Javascript Full Project For Beginners



npm i google-documents-api




  1. Install module
    npm install google-documents-api
  2. Obtain service auth credentials. Follow steps 2-7 in google-sheets-api usage instructions.
  3. Authorize your service email address (obtained in previous step) to read the document.
  4. Collect the document id from URL.






var fs = require('fs');
var Documents = require('google-documents-api');
var documentId = 'your-document-id';
var serviceEmail = '';
var serviceKey = fs.readFileSync('path/to/your/sheets.pem').toString();
var docs = new Documents({ email: serviceEmail, key: serviceKey });
docs.getDocumentHtml(documentId).then(function(htmlContent) {
  console.error(err, 'Failed to read document');

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