Node.js Google Calendar API Example to Get Holidays & Events of Country Using Date in Browser Using Javascript Full Project For Beginners



Google Calendar Helper

Use Google Calendar API v3 to

  • check if a date is holiday
  • get holiday names of a given date

with a given list of publicly available calendars


npm install --save google-calendar-holiday

Set up your credentials and Google Calendar

Enable Google Calendar API

Create an API key in Credentials page





const GoolgeCalendarHoliday = require('google-calendar-holiday');
const holiday = new GoolgeCalendarHoliday(
    hkHoliday: '',
    usHoliday: '',
// this will try to make an API call to test if the API key is valid
await holiday.init();


Check whether a date is holiday



holiday.isHoliday('2018-10-17') // true
holiday.isHoliday('2018-11-22') // true
// specify calendars
holiday.isHoliday('2018-10-17', ['hkHoliday']) // true
holiday.isHoliday('2018-11-22', ['hkHoliday']) // false


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Get holiday names of a date



holiday.getHolidayNames('2018-10-17') // ['重陽節']
holiday.getHolidayNames('2018-11-22') // ['Thanksgiving Day']
holiday.getHolidayNames('2018-01-01') // ['元旦', 'New Year's Day']
// specify calendars
holiday.getHolidayNames('2018-10-17', ['hkHoliday']) // ['重陽節']
holiday.getHolidayNames('2018-11-22', ['hkHoliday']) // ['']

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