Node.js Express Youtube Video Info Application Using Youtube Data API Full Project

Node.js Express Youtube Video Info Application Using Youtube Data API Full Project

Welcome folks I am back with another blog post. In this blog post we will be talking about a Node.js module which is used to get youtube videos information using just a youtube url.

Video Practical


In this video i have shown step by step how to use this module to fetch information about videos from this library.

Youtube Info


A Node.js module that fetches meta information about YouTube videos. The information is scraped directly from the YouTube website, so no need for a Google API-key.

This project is in no way affiliated with YouTube.


Install as a module via npm.

$ npm install youtube-info




var fetchVideoInfo = require(youtube-info);
fetchVideoInfo(videoId, cb);
Parameter Meaning
videoId ID of youtube Video
callback (optional) callback function


Promises API

var fetchVideoInfo = require('youtube-info');
fetchVideoInfo('{videoId}').then(function (videoInfo) {

Callback API

var fetchVideoInfo = require('youtube-info');
fetchVideoInfo('{videoId}', function (err, videoInfo) {
  if (err) throw new Error(err);



  videoId: '{video Id}',
  url: '{video url}',
  title: '{video title}',
  description: '{video description as HTML}',
  owner: '{video owner}',
  channelId: '{owner channel id}',
  thumbnailUrl: '{video thumbnail url}',
  embedURL: '{video embed url}',
  datePublished: '{video publication date}',
  genre: '{video genre}',
  paid: {true/false},
  unlisted: {true/false},
  isFamilyFriendly: {true/false},
  duration: {video duration in seconds},
  views: {number of views},
  regionsAllowed: [ '{two letter country code}', ... ],
  commentCount: {number of comments},
  likeCount: {number of likes},
  dislikeCount: {number of dislikes},
  channelThumbnailUrl: {channel thumbnail url}


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