Node.js Express Project to Extract Text From HTML Using html-to-text Library in Browser Using Javascript


npm init -y



npm i html-to-text



npm i express











General options

Option Default Description
baseElements Describes which parts of the input document have to be converted and present in the output text, and in what order.
baseElements.selectors ['body'] Elements matching any of provided selectors will be processed and included in the output text, with all inner content.
Refer to Supported selectors section below.
baseElements.orderBy 'selectors' 'selectors' – arrange base elements in the same order as baseElements.selectors array;
'occurrence' – arrange base elements in the order they are found in the input document.
baseElements.returnDomByDefault true Convert the entire document if none of provided selectors match.
decodeOptions { isAttributeValue: false, strict: false } Text decoding options given to he.decode. For more information see the he module.
formatters {} An object with custom formatting functions for specific elements (see Override formatting section below).
limits Describes how to limit the output text in case of large HTML documents.
limits.ellipsis '...' A string to insert in place of skipped content.
limits.maxBaseElements undefined Stop looking for more base elements after reaching this amount. Unlimited if undefined.
limits.maxChildNodes undefined Maximum number of child nodes of a single node to be added to the output. Unlimited if undefined.
limits.maxDepth undefined Stop looking for nodes to add to the output below this depth in the DOM tree. Unlimited if undefined.
limits.maxInputLength 16_777_216 If the input string is longer than this value – it will be truncated and a message will be sent to stderr. Ellipsis is not used in this case. Unlimited if undefined.
longWordSplit Describes how to wrap long words.
longWordSplit.wrapCharacters [] An array containing the characters that may be wrapped on. Checked in order, search stops once line length requirement can be met.
longWordSplit.forceWrapOnLimit false Break long words at the line length limit in case no better wrap opportunities found.
preserveNewlines false By default, any newlines \n from the input HTML are collapsed into space as any other HTML whitespace characters. If true, these newlines will be preserved in the output. This is only useful when input HTML carries some plain text formatting instead of proper tags.
selectors [] Describes how different HTML elements should be formatted. See Selectors section below.
whitespaceCharacters ' \t\r\n\f\u200b' A string of characters that are recognized as HTML whitespace. Default value uses the set of characters defined in HTML4 standard. (It includes Zero-width space compared to living standard.)
wordwrap 80 After how many chars a line break should follow.
Set to null or false to disable word-wrappi



npm i ejs











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