Node.js Express Google Calendar API Middleware Library in Browser Example For Beginners




Zero-dependency express middleware for Google Calendar

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This is meant to be a read-only proxy for the events of a publicly accessible Google Calendar. Currently, only API key access is supported. OAuth support is not planned.





npm install express-calendar –save
var express = require('express')
var expressCalendar = require('express-calendar')
var options = {
  calendarId: '<put your calendar ID here>',
  parameters: {
    key: '<put your API key here>'
var app = express()
expressCalendar(app, options)
curl http://express-calendar.node.js:3000/2016/04/01/
  "items": [
      "summary":"The Rainbow"
      "summary":"The Jets"
      "summary":"The Sharks"
  "dateRange": [


See also the example.




  • calendarId: ID of your Google Calendar, typically (required)
  • parameters: anything that can be passed to, e.g.
    • key: your Google API key (required)
    • fields: fields to include in response
  • templates: mapping from MIME types (may be canonicalized) to functions which transform the JSON response to the desired output (see example)

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