Node.js Express Custom 404 Error Page Tutorial – Custom Error Handling in Node Full Example

Welcome folks today in this post we will be talking about how to handle custom 404 page errors in node.js and express applications. If you have a wrong route opened by the user accidentally or intentionally then you want a custom 404 page every time displayed into the browser for better user experience. All the source code is given below to make the custom 404 page. We will take a empty express app example no dependencies are required so just make a node.js project and write the below code. A step by step youtube video is also shown to you for better reference with the blog.







Here in this block of code we have a simple express server running on port 4000. All the requests which are wrong is represented by this * symbol. And as a result is handled by this request so everytime you opened a wrong route in the browser the express app will return this response to you i.e. 404 page.



Now instead of returning a response in text we will be making a html file and then returning it. So in this block of code we are loading the file when the following route is hit in the express app.


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