Koa.js Compressing Data in App in Browser Using Koa-compress Middleware Library Full Project For Beginners


Welcome folks today in this blog post we will be implementing compression of data inside app in browser using koa-compress middleware library in koa.js.All the full source code of the application is shown below.




Get Started




In order to get started you need to install the below library using the npm command as shown below



npm i koa-compress



After installing this library you can make an app.js file and copy paste the following code



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var koa = require('koa');
var router = require('koa-router');
var app = koa();

var Pug = require('koa-pug');
var pug = new Pug({
   viewPath: './views',
   basedir: './views',
   app: app //Equivalent to app.use(pug)

   filter: function (content_type) {
      return /text/i.test(content_type)
   threshold: 2048,
   flush: require('zlib').Z_SYNC_FLUSH

var _ = router(); //Instantiate the router

_.get('/', getRoot);

function *getRoot(next){

app.use(_.routes()); //Use the routes defined using the router

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