jsPDF Example to Insert AcroForms With Checkbox & Text Fields in Browser Using Javascript Full Project For Beginners



After digging around in the PDF spec (ISO 32000-1:2008) I found in section that the checked and unchecked appearances correspond to entries in the field’s appearance dictionary. I downloaded this PDF generated by jsPDF:

var doc = new jsPDF();
doc.text('CheckBox:', 10, 125);
var checkBox = new CheckBox();
checkBox.fieldName = "CheckBox1";
checkBox.Rect = [50, 120, 30, 10];
checkBox.value = 'Yes'

I opened the PDF in a text editor and found my field definition:

/F 4
/Rect [141.73 473.39 226.77 501.73]
/FT /Btn
/T (CheckBox1)
/DA (/F13 0 Tf 0.000 g)
/V /Yes
/Type /Annot
/Subtype /Widget
/Q 1
/MK <<
/CA (3)
/AS /On
/AP <<
/N <</On 7 0 R >>/D <</On 8 0 R /Off 9 0 R >>>>

The /N there is the dictionary and the AS value is whether the CheckBox is checked or not. So this means you can control the appearance with:

checkBox.appearanceState = 'Off' //unchecked
checkBox.appearanceState = 'On' //checked

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