jQuery Tutorial to Upload Local File to Microsoft Azure Storage in Browser Using HTML5 & Javascript Full Project For Beginners



This is jquery plugin used to upload file to azure storage.

To use this plugin, you need:

  • a browser support HTML5
  • a azure blob account or container sas url
  • open the CORS of your storage account.

Quick view from demo site

	url:'your container sas url',
	maxThread:20,//the max thread, by default is 20
	blockSizeKB:2048//the block size, default is 2048, should be less than 4096

$('div').blobuploader('upload');//will upload all <input type='file'/> node's target file to your container


Name Default Description
url null your container sas url
blockSizeKB 4096 the max block size used to split a blobsuccessfully.
maxThread 7 the max ajax request at the same time. Default is 7 no why, I love the number.
breakWhekError true break the blob upload job while error occured.(only for on blob)


Name Parameters Description
upload N/A upload all node’s target file
blob element get the blob instance by the input element(selector, Dom Node or jquery instance)
blobs N/A get the blob list.
retry blob retry upload the blob (no argument means all failed blobs), will skip all blocks that upload successfully.
reset blob reset the given blob (no argument means all blob) to the initialize status.(all block, include the upload successfully ones been removed). reset+upload means re-upload.
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Name Parameters Description
beforeSend blob execute before you blob upload
progress blob execute while the blob uploading, you can got the uploaded data length by blob.loaded and the max data count by blob.size
success blob,data,status execute while the blob upload success.
error blob,block,xhr,desc,err execute if the blob upload failed, may be triggered multiple times, you can get all failed block by call blob.errorBlocks.

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