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Welcome folks I am back with another blog post. In this blog post we will be talking about a jQuery Plugin which allows you to display Google Calendar on your Website. The Plugin name is GoogleCalendarEvents.js . The Source code of the Application is given below. Just copy it and also extend it according to your needs.


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Google calendar events is a jQuery plugin that displays a public google calendar events feed.



<div id="my-element"></div>

		key: '<your-key-here>', // Google Calendar API Key see: https://console.developers.google.com
		calendar: '<google-calendar-id>',
		max: 10


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Parameter Description Type
key Google Calendar API Key String
calendar Google Calendar Id String
Max number of results (default 10) Number


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Example Output


<div id="my-element">
    <ul class="google_event_list">
            <div class="google_event_title">
                <a href="#" rel="Easter Sunday">Easter Sunday</a>
            <div class="google_event_date">Sat Mar 31, 2018</div>
            <div class="google_event_title">
                <a href="#" rel="Cinco de Mayo">Cinco de Mayo</a>
            <div class="google_event_date">Fri May 4, 2018</div>
            <div class="google_event_title">
                <a href="#" rel="Columbus Day (regional holiday)">Columbus Day (regional holiday)</a>
            <div class="google_event_date">Sun Oct 7, 2018</div>
            <div class="google_event_description">Description</div>

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Download Source Code


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