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Welcome back I am back with another blog post In this blog post be talking about that how you can fetch the Instagram feeds photos from any hashtags (that are not private) from this library called as instastory.js  so with the help of this library you will be fetching photos from the Instagram feed without having to use any kind of third party API for having to submit the the credential such as client ID and client secret so in this library there is certain methods which allows you to specify the the hashtag for example if you want to fetch photos regarding coding you can just write hashtag coding and then this library will fetch all the photos regarding for coding in that way you can search any kind of photos regarding any topic with the help of this library so all the source code of this application is given in the the description so just copy paste the code and if you want to extend this application then just edit this source code accordingly the screenshot of the application is also given below


Demo of Application







Getting started

It is really simple to use the plugin all you need to to is include jQuery and the instastory.js file where you include your other scrips in the project.

Then the only thing left is to call the plugin on the DOM element that should be the container, call it with a hashtag that you want the history from.

As default the above line will give you the 6 most recent posts with the hashtag “coding” and will output the following html into the container element:




If you are not happy with the default options you can easily change the options by specifying the below options are you can create a separate object and in that object can declare the properties and then you can attach the top checked to the library


By using an object.



When using the plugin you have the option to define a string of html to be used by the plugin when it is rendering your feed to the page. Simple example looks like this:


Full Example Source Code








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