Javascript Project to Build India Toll Plaza Road Calculator in Browser Using HTML5 & CSS3


Toll Plaza data from the National Highways Authority of India. This is scraped from the Toll Information System.

Here’s a map

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 6 46 28 pm


  • Contains 468 toll plazas with;
  • Name
  • Location (latitude, longitude)
  • Capital cost in INR Crores
  • Contractor details
  • Cumulative revenue in INR Crores
  • Date of commercial operation
  • Date of fee notification
  • Fee effective date
  • Project type
  • Rates (Car, Bus, 4-6 axle, HCM, LCV, Multiaxle, More than 7 axle)
  • Traffic per day in PCU
  • Target traffic per day in PCU

Auto fetching

The repo uses Github Actions to update the data every month. A new directory is created inside the data folder for each month/day. This does not do any diffing.


To update the dataset:

  • Clone this repository. git clone
  • Go inside the repo directory. cd toll-plazas-india
  • Just the fetch and process script. ./

The individual scripts in the scripts directory are:






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