Javascript FFMPEG Project to Build Discord 3D Music Bot Using ytdl-core Library in Browser



An advanced Music Bot, with 30+ Radio Stations, with capability of filters, like Bassboost, Nightcore, etc. and reaction interactivity. Based on ytdl-core with discord.js Guide Handler. With ideas from eritislami


If you decide to use this Bot, check out this Github repo first cause this is the same exact Bot with standard Discord/Unicode Emojis, which means that you can just simply use it instantly without changing the emojis!


  • filter <FILTERNAME> — Set Audio – Effects
  • loop — Toggle music loop
  • lyrics — Get lyrics for the currently playing song
  • nowplaying — Show current song
  • pause — Pause the currently playing music
  • play <TITEL | URL> — Plays song from YouTube/Stream
  • queue — Show the music queue and now playing
  • radio <RADIOSTATION>— Play a Radiostation
  • remove — Remove song from the queue
  • resume — Resume currently playing music
  • search <TITEL | URL>— Search and select videos to play
  • shuffle — Shuffles the current Queue!
  • skip — Skip the currently playing song
  • skipto <QUEUE NUM.> — Skip to the selected queue number
  • stop — Stops the music
  • volume <VOL. NUM.> — Change volume
  • help [COMMAND] — Gives you a list of all help Commands

NO API-KEY NEEDED! That’s because it uses a scraper (youtube-sr)!

Installation | How to use the Bot

1. Install node.js v12 or higher

2. Install ffmpeg@latest

3. Download this repo and unzip it | or git clone it

4. Install all of the packages with npm install | the packages are npm install node.js @discordjs/opus discord.js ffmpeg-static figlet lyrics-finder string-progressbar ytdl-core discord-ytdl-core youtube-sr

5. start the bot with node index.js

Run on


Watch tutorial on YouTube!!

Please subscribe my YT channel and like the video.

Usage – config.json

It is important that you fill in every item of the JSON FILE! every emoji used in this BOT is a custom emoji, the emojis are listed down below as images, which you can download and upload to your server to use them. NOTE: you gotta change to if you use discord / unicode emojis! Soon a new Repo with standard emojis will be awailable for easy usages!

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