How to Scroll to Top of Webpage With Animation Using Vanilla Javascript & jQuery Full Tutorial For Beginners



If you don’t need the change to animate then you don’t need to use any special plugins – I’d just use the native JavaScript window.scrollTo() method — passing in 0, 0 will scroll the page to the top left instantly.

window.scrollTo(xCoord, yCoord);


  • xCoord is the pixel along the horizontal axis.
  • yCoord is the pixel along the vertical axis.



If you do want smooth scrolling, try something like this:

$("a[href='#top']").click(function() {
  $("html, body").animate({ scrollTop:  }, "slow");
  return false;

That will take any <a> tag whose href="#top" and make it smooth scroll to the top

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Try this to scroll on top




Better solution with smooth animation:

// this changes the scrolling behavior to "smooth"
window.scrollTo({ top: , behavior: 'smooth' });


You don’t need jQuery to do this. A standard HTML tag will suffice…

<div id="jump_to_me">
    blah blah blah

<a target="#jump_to_me">Click Here To Destroy The World!</a>



smooth scroll, pure javascript:

(function smoothscroll(){
    var currentScroll = document.documentElement.scrollTop || document.body.scrollTop;
    if (currentScroll > ) {
         window.scrollTo (,currentScroll - (currentScroll/5));


   var scroll_pos=();          
   $('html, body').animate({scrollTop:(scroll_pos)}, '2000');


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var scrollToTop = window.setInterval(function() {
    var pos = window.pageYOffset;
    if ( pos >  ) {
        window.scrollTo( , pos - 20 ); // how far to scroll on each step
    } else {
        window.clearInterval( scrollToTop );
}, 16); // how fast to scroll (this equals roughly 60 fps)

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