How to Clear or Reset Browser LocalStorage History in Javascript Full Tutorial For Beginners


Use this to clear localStorage:




If you want to remove a specific Item or variable from the user’s local storage, you can use

localStorage.removeItem("name of localStorage variable you want to remove");



window.localStorage.clear(); //try this to clear all local storage


Here is a function that will allow you to remove all localStorage items with exceptions. You will need jQuery for this function. You can download the gist.

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You can call it like this

let clearStorageExcept = function(exceptions) {
  let keys = [];
  exceptions = [].concat(exceptions); // prevent undefined

  // get storage keys
  $.each(localStorage, (key) => {

  // loop through keys
  for (let i = ; i < keys.length; i++) {
    let key = keys[i];
    let deleteItem = true;

    // check if key excluded
    for (let j = ; j < exceptions.length; j++) {
      let exception = exceptions[j];
      if (key == exception) {
        deleteItem = false;

    // delete key
    if (deleteItem) {


If you want to clear all item you stored in localStorage then


Use this for clear all stored key.

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If you want to clear/remove only specific key/value then you can use removeItem(key).


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