Deno.js Dotenv Tutorial to Load Environment Variables From .env File Using denv Library in TypeScript Full Project For Beginners





A module similar to dotenv, but for Deno






You can import the load function which will use the .env file from the current directory, or you can pass the path to an env file. Here is an example with all default values:



import { load } from "";
await load({
  /** The path of the env file, defaults to ".env" */
  path: ".env",
  /** If true, won't overwrite existing variables */
  priorityEnv: false,
  /** Will not throw an error if file is not found */
  ignoreMissingFile: false,
  /** If true, will verify the final environment against the example file */
  verifyAgainstExample: false,
  /** If true, will fallback to the example file */
  defaultToExample: false,
  /** Path to example file, defaults to ".env.example" */
  exampleFile: ".env.example",

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