Build a Zoom Clone Video Chat in Node.js and Express Using and PeerJS Library in WebRTC Full Project For Beginners


Zoom clone

Clone of Zoom for study purposes.

Deployed here

Technologies   |    Getting started   |    How to contribute   |



🚀 Technologies

Technologies that I used to develop this Zoom’s clone:

💻 Getting started

Clone the project and access the folder

$ git clone && cd zoom-clone

Follow the steps below

# Install the dependencies of peer-server
$  cd peer-server && yarn install

# Start the peer-server
$ yarn dev
# Install the dependencies of server
$  cd server && yarn install

# Start the server
$ yarn start
# Install the dependencies web client
$  cd public && yarn install

# Start the server
$ yarn start

🤔 How to contribute

Make a fork of this repository

# Fork using GitHub official command line
# If you don't have the GitHub CLI, use the web site to do that.

$ gh repo fork kaioosilva/zoom-clone

Follow the steps below

# Clone your fork
$ git clone your-fork-url && cd zoom-clone

# Create a branch with your feature
$ git checkout -b my-feature

# Make the commit with your changes
$ git commit -m 'feat: My new feature'

# Send the code to your remote branch
$ git push origin my-feature

After your pull request is merged, you can delete your branch

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