Build a Node.js Discord API Bot to Login & Message in Chat & Ban, Kick Members in Chat Using Javascript




To use this code, follow the instructions:

  1. Install all dependencies:

    npm i

  2. Create a .env file for environment variables in the root directory of this repository, not inside the src folder!

  3. Create three environment variables:

    • DISCORDJS_BOT_TOKEN – Your Bot Token
    • WEBHOOK_ID – For webhooks, not required unless you want to use the webhook command
    • WEBHOOK_TOKEN – The token for your webhook client, refer to 1:12:00 in the video on how to create a Webhook.
  4. Run npm run start or npm run dev in the project directory


  • Keep in mind all of the role IDs, channel IDs, etc. were all for my test server that I used for the tutorial. You must configure it yourself by changing the IDs to meet your needs.

  • If you need additional help, please feel free to join our community Discord server!













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